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Spell to Overcome an Enemy

This spell is to ward off an enemy’s attempts to cause you trouble. No words are required for this spell, but, as with all spells, you should focus completely on your intention while you perform it. You will need a lime, piece of paper with the name of the person you wish to ward off written on it, an athame or knife, two long steel pins, a clear glass, salt, vinegar and ashes. Make two cuts in the lime, one horizontally and the other vertically, ensuring that one does not cut the lime in four pieces. Place the piece of paper in the middle of the lime and then hold it closed with the steel pins. Place it in the glass and sprinkle over it the salt, vinegar and the ashes. This is a tricky spell to perform as it has the power to destroy your enemy’s own affairs, not just prevent their success in their attempts to harm you. If this occurs you have gone against the Wiccan Rede (Harm none...), and opened yourself to the consequences of the Rule of Three. Because of this be sure that

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