Purple in Magic

Purple will sharpen your intuition, enhance your imagination and can be used to work against negative energies directed at you. Purple is the most powerful wealth energy enhancing color that you can use in your home. Using purple in your home will increase wealth, prosperity and abundance, bring new opportunities and success in business and give you good luck. Because of its power purple should be used sparingly. It is not recommended to paint your walls purple as the energy this will produce will be overwhelming.
Use blue toned purple in your bedroom and in others spaces where you would like to create an atmosphere of calm and use red toned purple in rooms that you would like to be more stimulating and lively such as your hallway or study. A bold purple is an excellent color for your front door.
Good ways to introduce purple into your home are with amethyst crystals, purple flowering plants, purple candles, in pictures on your walls and in soft furnishing details such as cushions.
As purple is a strong wealth generator it is best not to use it in your Kitchen.

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