Lemon in Magic

Lemon in Magic is associated with longevity, purification, love, happiness and friendship. It is also used in banishing and protection spells.

A mixture of lemon juice and water may be used to cleanse used amulets, jewellery and other objects -ensuring that all negativity is removed from them.
Dried lemon peel, lemon leaves and blossoms can be added to love, purification and healing sachets and mixtures. If you share lemon pie with your partner you ensure fidelity. A slice of lemon placed beneath a visitor's chair will ensure the friendship will last. If you give a lemon tree that has been grown from the seed of a lemon that you have eaten as a gift it will ensure that the friendship is long lasting. In clearing spells Lemon helps to break negative ties with your past. Lemons are associated with moon magic.

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