Protection Spell

Here is a Protection Spell that is specifically for when a person wishes you harm.
This is an incredibly powerful spell. I've used it twice. The first time was to shield me from a very nasty roommate who was the most negative and poisonous person I've ever met. I wasn't able to move away and so this spell was effective in protecting me from her unpleasantness. In this type of situation it's useful to repeat the spell regularly so that it retains its power. The second time I used the spell was when an ex-boyfriend was being disturbingly clingy and wouldn't leave me alone. I only used the spell once and he stopped bothering me immediately.

One thing about this spell that really appeals to me is that I don't actually wish harm on anyone, nor seek to manipulate another person's life. When I do this spell, I raise as much energy as I possibly can through myself, bringing energy up through the earth and drawing energy down from the sky. The more energy I can raise the more powerful and long lasting the spell becomes. I visualize the person inside a clear shiny film of energy, like a bubble, which keeps their negativity and ill thoughts inside. This energy layer lets none of their energy emission out, good or bad. So if they chose to think loving and healing thoughts they will benefit from this, however, should they think cruel or evil thoughts they will be the one who suffers, not other people.

Here is the spell:

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