Rose Petal Spell for Serenity

This is a bath spell to bring serenity into your mind, heart and life. You will need a bowl of water, a small glass of milk, white candles, a few cloves and rose petals. White rose petals are best. This spell will promote peace, tranquility, spirituality and will help to banish anger and anxiety. To cast this spell, fill the bath with warm water, place the candles around the bath and light them. Have the rose petals floating on the bowl of water. Stir the water gently with your fingers and say: “Water ripples, silence stays, roses bloom, cares away”. Pour the milk into the bowl, stir it in with your hand and as it blends repeat three times: “Water ripples, silence stays, roses bloom, cares away”. Then pour the water, milk and petals into the bath and step in. Soak in the bath and allow your cares, anger and stress to be released into the water, leaving you filled with serenity.

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