12 Reasons to Love Being Single

I’m single right now. Although I’m still feeling some pain from the last break-up I find that thinking about the things that I can do now – especially things that were compromised when I was in the relationship – is very helpful. These are some of the things that being single allows you to do:
1. You Can Strengthen Your Friendships. You can appreciate and enjoy time with friends. And spend time developing new friendships. You can make plans to spend more time with friends – beaches, concerts, movies, picnics, going for walks, visiting galleries and museums, getting out of town…
2. You Can Further Your Career. You have extra energy, extra time and fewer personal demands without a man. Now you can really focus on your career.
3. You Can Develop Your Talents. You have the time now to paint, write, play a musical instrument or to do whatever you love to do.
4. You Can Discover New interests and Learn New Skills. If you have every wanted to learn a language, take a cooking class, learn to sail, draw or ride a horse this is a great opportunity to do it now.
5. You Can Focus Entirely On Yourself. Being by yourself means that you can focus entirely on ‘you’. You can be as self involved as you like. Being single is a wonderful chance to stop and plan what you want and need in life, to find what really matters to you.
6. You Can Discover New Places or Rediscover Old Ones. This is a great chance to travel, whether you chose to trek in Nepal, go for a hike in the woods, or just wander around your own city. It’s your chance, your schedule and your time.
7. You can go to sleep when you want and get up when you want.
8. You can eat what you want, when and where you want.
9. You can go where you want, when you want, with whom you want and you can come back whenever you like.
10. You can watch the movies and TV shows you like.
11. You can decorate your home your way.
12. You can have as many or as few pets as you like.
Also, you can spend the whole day in your pj’s, reading and eating ice cream from the tub and no one can say anything. Clearly, there are infinitely more than 12 reasons to love being single! Simply put, when you are single you don’t need to reach compromises with anyone on anything. You can live your life your way. So, make the most of it! (Photograph by Kristin Suratt from Pinterest)

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