Imbolc, February 2

Imbolc (Imbolg), which means "in milk", is a celebration of fertility and designates the middle of winter and the beginning of the lambing season.  Milk was traditionally poured out upon the ground as a type of offering.  Associated with Imbolc are the colors white, pink, and red, the amethyst, turquoise, dill, frankincense, rosemary, and wildflowers.  On Imbolc place a piece of linen or cloth outside. It is said that on this night Brigid travels all over the land and if she sees this cloth she will bless it and give it healing powers with this prayer: “Let the cloth of life be mended. Let the thread be linked again, restored, cleansed - the forests growing, native plants in field and fen. Let the cloth of life, in beauty, be restored by will to be. People with the plants and creatures, tending earth and sky and sea.”
The Celts loved and cherished their beloved Goddess Brigid so enthusiastically, that she was eventually Christianized as “Saint Brigid” as not to alienate her Pagan worshippers. Imbolc is also known as St Brigid’s Day, Groundhog's Day, Candlemas, Blessing of the Plow, Disting, Feast of the Virgin, Feast of the Bride and the Festival of Milk.

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