Home Protection Spell

This is not my own prayer and may even be familiar to you. It’s a version of Brigid’s blessing. I’m using it as part of a protection process for a friend and her family who have someone constantly directing ill wishes and hexes towards them to devastating effect. This prayer is a good way to finish off a cleansing and banishing ritual, such as smudging. Angelica and rosemary will help to protect and banish and a fresh and healthy mint plant will attract positive energy, allowing little room for negative energy to enter. You may burn a single white candle as you say this prayer.

Bless every corner of this house, may peace dwell within.
Protect all that come and go, whether friend or kin.
Bless every door and windowpane and every ceiling and wall.
Bless every closet, nook and cranny, crawlspace, or basement bless it all.
Bless the roof and ground surrounding with your protective love and light.
Hold us in your loving care every second of every day,
In every way from early morning into sheltered night.
So banish all evil and negativity into your confirmed light that is extended
Clearing all with purification, love, peace, and joy as Divinely intended.

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