The Two Best Places to Meet the Perfect Guy

Forget bars, hardware stores (seriously, these are on most lists of where to meet guys!), coffee shops etc. – here are the two best places to meet great guys, especially great guys for you:
The first place is in a Class. If you take a class you will meet lots of new people. Any guy you meet there comes pre-qualified. You have signed up for the same class so you know you share an interest. He’s clearly interested in self-improvement and learning, both are admirable qualities. You’ll have the opportunity to observe how he interacts with others, especially how he responds to frustrating people. You’ll have the chance to chat without the sense of it being a pick-up, which is unavoidable in bars, coffee shops etc. Over the period of the course you will be able to gain quite an insight into his character.
The second place to meet good guys is volunteering. This is another way to meet lots of new people and you’ll have the same opportunities to get to know the guys there as you do taking classes. And you can be sure that guys who volunteer have good hearts. See these blog posts too. They will help you to know if he really is the man for you.

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