Forgiveness Spell

Holding onto anger, resentment and hurt holds you back in all areas of your life. This is a spell that will help you to let go of these negative thoughts and feelings, through forgiveness. To perform this spell you will need a dark blue candle that is 7 inches or 20cm in height, a dark blue ribbon, a clear or silver bowl, salt and blessed water. First write the name of the person you wish to forgive on the candle. Then place marks on the candle one inch or 3cm apart. Mix the salt in the water and dab each of the points you have marked on the candle with water, saying the name of the person you wish to forgive as you do it. Tie pieces of the ribbon around each of these points. Light the candle and touch it with the fingertips of your left hand. This fills you with the energy to forgive. At the same time place the fingertips of your right hand in a bowl of the salted water. The anger and hurt will move out of your body into the water. As you do this say:
“Anger and hurt, stress and strife,
I won’t allow these to control my life.
As I forgive, I release the pain
Into water the hurt will drain.
As the candle burns down its length
I fill myself with hope and strength.
This is my will so shall it be.
Harm to none nor return on me.”
Allow the candle to burn down one section. Repeat this spell for seven days. After performing this spell tip the water into a moving body of water. You will be cleansed of negativity regarding this person and now able to move forward.

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