The Kitchen Witch

Originally a Kitchen Witch, sometimes called a Scandinavian Witch, was a poppet or little doll that looked like a stereotypical witch. It was kept in the kitchen for good luck and to protect the home from bad spirits. The one pictured is by Pat Benedict of woopitydooart.

Today, the term Kitchen Witch usually refers to those of us who practice Kitchen Witchcraft. This is where we practice witchcraft while performing tasks like cooking, baking and stirring. For us these simple chores become a sacred act, a means of connecting with the arcane. I’m very fond of scrying and enjoy doing this when stirring and cooking sauces and soups. The warmth and smells enhance the experience. The use of specific herbs, spices and other foods for practical magic are a part of Kitchen Witchcraft. (I’ve already talked about using cinnamon, mint, salt and a few other herbs and spices in previous blogs.) The craft also extends to the making of potions, soaps, oils etc. for the practice of magic. The simplicity and lack of formality of Kitchen Witchcraft is what I love most about it.

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