Spell to Create New Luck

This spell for creating new good luck and turning away bad luck is most effective when cast at night, with a waning moon and just before you go to sleep. If you are able to see the moon stand with your arms outstretched towards it, otherwise stand facing a window. Think of the ways you would like your luck to change. Light a silver candle and say the following spell: “Moon with your silver light, as you pass across this night; banish all bad luck that blights, allow new good luck to fill my life. This is my will, so shall it be. Harm to none, nor return on me.” You may repeat this three times.
When you have finished, blow out the candles and go to bed. Your new luck will be with you when you wake in the morning. The herbs anise and basil if placed in your room or under your pillow will enhance this spell. 

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