Ostara is a Wiccan sabbat celebrated on the spring equinox, which is between March 19 and March 22 in the Northern Hemisphere. On the spring equinox, day and night are of equal length, from then on the days become longer than nights. It is a celebration of the end of winter and the beginning of the cycle of life. For Wiccans, Ostara is the day when the Goddess and God join in sacred marriage. So, Ostara celebrates the coming of spring, new growth and fertility.
Named after the Anglo-Saxon fertility goddess, Eostre, Ostara, which means ‘the Eastern Star’, is associated with the symbols of hares and eggs. To celebrate Ostara many Wiccans exchange colored eggs and plant an herb garden. It is also a time to reconnect with nature. Associated with Ostara are spring flowers, jasmine, seeds, ginger, nutmeg, frankincense, sandalwood, moonstone, rose quartz, jasper and the colors blue, pink and red.
Just as a side note, Ostara and Eostre have the same roots as the word ‘East’. They are not etymologically related to the word ‘estrogen’, which comes from the Greek oistros, meaning ‘frenzy’.

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