A Good Man Checklist

Finding out as much as you can about a man before you get involved with him is a really smart thing to do. This way you can make a sensible choice before becoming swept up in the headiness of romance, because we can become so blind to warning signs at this stage. If a man doesn’t check every one of these boxes take it as warning sign that he isn’t a good man, and if he withholds any of this information from you, then run now. Fast. There are a lot more things that you need to be sure about before making a commitment to him and as the relationship develops there will be other signs of whether or not he is a good man. For now here is his first checklist:
1.     He has one or more real interests that he is actively involved in.
2.     He has a stable work history that reflects his education and skills and he is currently employed.
3.     He has no problems with alcohol or drug abuse.
4.     He must not be in a relationship, even one he says is ‘casual’, with another woman.
5.     He needs to have a group of real male friends with whom he catches up regularly and whom he has known for a long time.
6.     He must have a good, loving relationship with his family.
7.     He needs to have been single for a sufficient period of time to have allowed him to concentrate on other interests.
8.     He must be open about his past relationships and not be bitter, or only blame the women for the relationships failure but accept some responsibility himself.

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