Casting Successful Spells

Magic can be capricious. Magic sometimes seems to have a peculiar sense of humor when responding to our wishes. Because of this it is important that we actually ask for what we really want or need and to do this we need to be certain that we are aware ourselves of what our desires are. I know that this sounds basic, but often it is our unconscious mind that works against a spell and prevents it from manifesting in our lives. So, the best way to ensure that magic works for us is to determine the specific issue or underlying problem that we wish to correct with the spell. For example we may be asking for love opportunities to come into our life and the spells are meeting with little success. What we really need to determine is whether it is in fact a need for a new lover to enter our lives or are deeper issues involved. For example do we have feelings of being unworthy, having an ‘unlovable’ mentality, or are there other causes to the lack of love that really should be addressed. When the core of the problem has been discovered, cast the spell to help specifically with that issue. When a spell is directed in this way it will have astonishing power.

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