Finding a Good Man

Most of us single women are looking for a good man. So how do we know if a guy is a ‘good man’ or just another creep? One of the signs that he is decent, is that you don’t find him immediately intriguing. Without being neurotic, evasive, handsome or super charming he won’t pique our interest. He certainly won’t sweep us off our feet. He may well be romantic, but there won’t be displays of this until he has fallen in love. Beware the man that overwhelms you with flowers and gifts, or with expressions of undying love. So, give a man a chance to show who he really is. A good man will want time to get to know you anyway because he is looking for someone to spend his life with, not just the night. A player won’t last the distance, if you want to move slowly, he’ll move on to an easier prospect. If this happens, breathe a sigh of relief and look around for a good man.

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