Wicca: How to Practice Grounding

Grounding, sometimes called ‘Earthing’ is a simple and yet very powerful Wiccan practice. It is a means for us to reconnect to the earth. Through grounding we restore balance in our bodies and minds. We can ground ourselves by simply walking barefoot, sitting or lying on the earth. My favourite method for grounding is to sit outside, preferably on grass underneath a tree with my bare hands and feet touching the earth. I imagine long, healthy roots extending from my hands and feet deeper and deeper into the ground, intermingling with the roots of the trees. Then I imagine bright rays of light extending upwards from my body and connecting with the rays of the sun shining down on me. Grounding ourselves before working magic and casting spells increases the effectiveness and potency of the results. Some Wiccans consider that it is impossible to practice magic without being grounded.

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