Spell for Family Harmony

This is a spell for creating harmony in the family. This spell gains its energy from elemental earth magic. The first thing you do is go outside looking for small stones. Select a stone to represent each member of your family. Search for a stone for each person one at a time. As you look for a particular person’s stone focus on that person and as you see the stone that seems to suit them, pick the stone up, hold it in both your hands and say, “This stone is Peter (or whomever)”. Take all the stones inside your home and write each persons name on their stone. Cast a circle. Arrange the stones within the circle to illustrate how the family is now, illustrating the existing conflicts and relationships. Allow your intuition to help you place the stones. When you have completed the layout, sit still and contemplate the relationships and emotions and issues that the arrangement brings forth. When you are ready, say
“Guided with love from them and from me,
from pain and problems set us all free.
In these stones we will find peace and harmony.”
Now begin to re-arrange the stones. Continue to do this until you know that it is right, allow yourself to become entranced by the task. Once again trust your intuition. You’ll know when you have the best arrangement. When this is done hold your hands out over the stones and feel strongly all the harmony, love, healing and happiness that you have evoked falling out over the stones and the people they represent. Then say:
“Guided with love from the family,
from pain and problems we will be free.
Here we find peace and harmony.
This is my will, so shall it be.
Harm to none nor return on me.”
You can keep the stones together in a box and use them when you need to help the family again.

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