How to Scry

Scrying is a technique of looking into the workings of the world. It can be used to divine the future, to gain insight into past events or to better understand the present.
I love to scry with water. A bowl or water, a pond, the ocean… I find the liquidity helpful and if I’m using a bowl I will stir the water occasionally to create movement. Black ink in the water can enhance the effectiveness. Mirrors, crystals, flames, smoke, mist and clouds are all possible mediums for scrying. One or more of these will resonate with you. Trust you instincts in choosing, as you will know what works best for you.

To begin scrying look into the water, let your eyes focus beyond the surface. Relax you body, breathe deeply and empty your mind, unless you have a specific question to ask, in which case focus on the question. Soon you will enter a mesmerized state, similar to a waking dream. Images will begin to form. They may be hazy or clear, symbols or accurate pictures of events. For most of us scrying is an acquired skill so don’t worry if it takes several attempts before you are successful. Also the more often you practice this art the more vivid and insightful the images will be.

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