Spell for Attracting Money

Light a green candle, the scents of cinnamon, mint and nutmeg will help with this spell. Visualize your body glimmering, sparkling and golden. Imaging golden coins showering down on you as you recite the spell, three or nine times. Let the candle burn down after you cast the spell. I use apple-scented candles – apple is always a powerful way to enhance your magic. This spell has a great success rate for me. I find money lying around, find money I'd put away and forgotten about, people give me money as gifts, I get extra work... I hope that it works just as well for you too. 

Money shimmer, money shine,
Money is powerful. Money be mine.
Money come to me all the time.
This is my will, so shall it be.
Harm to none, nor return on me.

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